Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Untellable Truth that all Moms Share.

Walking into the gym today, I happened to meet up with a mom friend I see from time to time. From this point forward, I will refer to her as “Mom Friend I See from Time to Time at the Gym”.  We both had the same disheveled appearance that could only mean one thing – The aftermath of daylight savings time when children are involved.

We hopped on side by side treadmills and began to trudge along.
Maybe it was our mutual exhaustion. Maybe we didn’t have enough coffee this morning. Maybe it was because we were forced watch this guy on a treadmill directly in front of us slowly lose his pants due to excessive sweat. His butt crack, ever so slowly, escaping from his sport shorts.  Whatever it was, we bridged a gap between us today. We told an untellable truth that all moms share.
We were both wearing yoga pants we had slept in.
How this came to be known was due to a blurt I happened to blurt out. It is possible that if I wasn’t living an hour into the future, I wouldn’t have said it. However, it just popped out of my mouth.
Perhaps, “Mom Friend I See from Time to Time at the Gym” on a normal time day wouldn’t have offered up the same truth. She might have acted horrified and laughed at me for my unkemptness.  She might have very well tossed her hair over her shoulders, in ridicule and disgust. Instead she shrugged and said, “Me too. And I’m going to Target after this.”
This leads me to believe that if I’m doing it… If “Mom Friend I See from Time to Time at the Gym” does it… then who else is doing it? Hmmm?
I can't seem to figure out if this makes me feel less skuzzy or more skuzzy.
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    1. thanks! and I am loving your shop, what a cool concept...

  2. Bahahahahaha!!! Wanna know some TRUTH? Each and EVERY time I'm going to the gym or working out first thing, I ALWAYS wear my work out clothes to bed. If I didn't the workout would never (I say never) happen. I used to feel guilt and shame, but now I just see myself as awesomely efficient!! LOL

    And if I had a dollar for every butt crack I saw at the gym, I could pay someone to work out for me!! Ha, ha!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  3. hahahahaha... next do an article on how many people not only sleep in their work out clothes but wear them all day and then sleep in them that night too !!!